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movie memorabiliaSigned Documents

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All Items guaranteed authentic. Any item may be returned within seven days for a full refund (minus postage).  Postage and insurance are as follows and must be included with order. Please make all checks payable to CALEB GLUCK. $20 minimum order please.

POSTAGE and Insurance: Under $50=$4;  $50-$99.99=$5;  $100-$200=$6;  Over $200=$7 + $1 per $100                          


SUSAN ANTON-Page 3 of Pilot Agmt. $20.

DESI ARNAZ-This is a 1-page Escrow Instruction (Real Estate Transaction) Agreement (front and back) very boldly signed by Arnaz with a huge signature. Great item. $150.



BASEBALL-The following signed contracts are for the player's appearance at baseball card shows in Massachusetts from 1991-94.  Using the following as an example, they all state virtually the same: "I, BOB LEMON, hereby acknowledge receipt of $2,000 (**amount varies per player/contract) from . . . for my appearance at a baseball card show at the Sheraton Sturbride, Sturbridge, MA this date, February 10, 1991."  The player has then signed and in most cases added his address in his own hand. From my experience baseball agreements of any kind are quite rare.  


JIM LONBORG -$20         JOHNNY SAIN -$25       

INGRID BERGMAN-13-Page 1940 Contract with SELZNICK PICTURES. This is an Historic Film Contract (See Wikipedia for details). $5,000.


RORY CALHOUN - 1950 Document Signed. $25.

WILLIAM CAMPBELL -1964 Document Signed. $20.

FRED CLARK -1964 Document Signed. $25.

GEENA DAVIS-1-page Property Agreement. A tough name to get. $50.

DINO, DESI, AND BILLY-Great 1966 Agreement signed by all 3. $85.

ANN DORAN -1948 Document Filled-Out and Signed (pencil). $20.

KIRK DOUGLAS - 1987 Signed Contract for "INHERIT THE WIND" (1987). $100.


KIRK DOUGLAS - 4-page Oil and Gas Contract (1961). Agreement also involves ELLA FITZGERALD (signed by her attorney). Interesting Item. $100.


ANDREW DUGGAN -1958 Document Signed. $20.

ELEPHANT MAN -Two-page Agreement with BROOKSFILMS Re "THE ELEPHANT MAN" for services of Jonathan Sanger (film's writer) "for use as a part of a Motion Picture and shall be considered a work made for hire for Borrower (Brooksfilms)." Just ask for a scan as always. An important agreement for a film classic. $65.


ROBERT EVANS -1957 Document Signed, 8 1/2" X 3 1/2", $25.

BARBARA FELDON -"GET SMART, AGAIN." 3 Page Movie Contract to be based on the television series "GET SMART." Great Item! $125.


JOSE FERRER -1960 Document Signed 8" X 3". $40.

JOSE FERRER -1960 Document Signed 8" X 5". $50.

JOSE FERRER -Fantastic 1-page Agreement with Stanley Kramer Productions as for $1.00 Ferrer consents "to your use of the following film clip: CYRANO DE BERGERAC - Jose Ferrer's speech about the nose in your production and exploitation of the television program presently entitled: STANLEY KRAMER SHOW (#2)." Great Association with one of filmdom's greatest characters! $65.

VIRGINIA FIELDS -1938 Document Signed. $25.

NINA FOCH -1961 Document Signed 8" X 3." $20.

JOAN FONTAINE -15- page 1939 Employment Agreement with SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURES.

1-Year Contract with Extensions would likely have covered "REBECCA" (1940). Historic Agreement! $500.


BEN GAZZARA-4-page Loanout Agreement (1983) for the "35th Annual Emmy Awards". $25.

BEN HECHT-Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights writer. Vintage Document 6" X 4" (fair-good) Filled-Out and Signed. $50.

D.L. HUGHLEY-Contract boldly signed. $25.

JOHN HUSTON -1958 Vintage Signed Document. $125.

JANET JACKSON -Jackson initials document ("JJ") approving the "liner notes"/text for her upcoming album. More than one available. . . .$20 per.

SAM JAFFE-1957 Document Signed 8" X 5". $30.

RUSSELL JOHNSON-2 page release agreement for "filming me, or otherwise recording me, my performance or voice, in the initial pilot television program entitled 'Buffalo Bill'." Much more. Nicely signed by "The Professor." $35.

HENRY KING-Early 1939 TLS Signed. "State Fair", "Tender Is The Night" director. $30.

WERNER KLEMPERER-1959 Studio Personnel Statement Filled-Out And Signed. $50.

KURT KREUGER-1941 Document Signed. $25.

PIPER LAURIE-1956 Contract for PLAYHOUSE 90 nicely signed. $25.

LASSIE/TOMMY RETTIG-1957 Contract for LASSIE. Signed by his mother as he was a minor at the time. Great Item! $50.


LASSIE/TODD FERRELL-2-Page 1958 Agreement concerning "LASSIE" and option for "LASSIE" movie(s). Signed by Ferrell as well as his parents as he was a minor at the time. Neat Item! $95.


JACK LEMMON/BLAKE EDWARDS-4-Page "Exhibit 'A'" Signed Document for DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (1961).

Lemmon was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film. $125.


MYRNA LOY-Her Last Will & Testament. She has typewritten her signature and that seems to be legally accepted in this case. $125.


DEAN MARTIN-Minutes of Board of Directors Claude Productions (1965). Boldly Signed. $325.

DAVID NELSON-1-Page 1977 Contract "ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration." $40.

PAUL NEWMAN-1964 Document Signed. A Rare Item! $450.

RON PERLMAN-5-page Contract for Screen Test as "Vincent" in "THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST." Obviously Perlman got the role. Great TV Item! $350.


MICHELLE PHILLIPS-This is a nice 2-page Loanout Agreement for an unnamed photoplay oldly signed TWICE. $25.


JASON PRIESTLEY -This is a 3-page agreement "to furnish the services of Jason Priestley in connection with personal appearance tours to promote the television series, ' BEVERLY HILLS, 90210' ." Highly detailed agreement covers compensation, per diem, merchandising, duration, much more. signed by Priestley. Topnotch! $75.



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